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About your teacher

Our passion at Kindermusik Stepping Stones is to nurture your child’s LOVE of music! It is our TOP priority and all the weekly activities revolve around this one thing! All true learning takes place in an emotionally vibrant atmosphere,  so engaging families in a warm and connecting class is part of the strategy in helping children ask for more of their music at home throughout the week, too!


Heather Wiebe
Growing up in a musical family, music was a constant in our home.  (My mother is a piano teacher, and my dad played the trumpet.)  Having studied piano, voice and flute I have first hand experience with how challenging music lessons can be, but also with how much joy they can bring!  These experiences have solidified my conviction that the early years of music MUST be centered on the joy of music!  
Kindermusik gives me the opportunity to bring together my love of children and passion for music.   In addition to teaching Kindermusik, I also have a thriving piano studio filled with mostly Kindermusik graduates!  The real-life school of being a mom to 3 now-grown kids and the experiences we've had along the way have helped shape my classroom style. 


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